The Four Shamanic Practices

shamanic healing

The Healer – the healer does exactly this. He or she will heal physical, emotional and spiritual illness. They do this by using music, drums, chants, story telling or by using poultices, herbs and ointments. Their healing can be quick or for more complex illnesses, can take several months before the patient is healed.

The Messenger – this Shamanic role acts like a modern day medium, but their main purpose is to bring messages of advice and guidance from all sorts of spirits including from the non living, animal and plant. A shaman will contact a deceased one or bring messages from the spirit world which are practical and important. In ancient times, these messengers would help hunters and farmers in gathering food and crops. They would speak to the spirits of the elements around them and ask for guidance as to when it the best time is to plant seeds.

The Soul Retriever – the Shaman who performs this role works with a spirit guide on the other side to help retrieve the soul of the patient. We can lose our souls very easily in this life. In ancient times, people believed that illness was brought on by an evil spirit. Shamanic theories still believe this today. It must be noted that we lose pieces or fragments of our souls and not our soul completely.

More often than not we pick up negative energies in our daily lives. We mix with people who stole our souls but perhaps more frequently, we give them away in exchange for love and devotion. Sometimes even work and fame. We need our souls to provide us with protection, support and power. It is important that we keep our relationship with our soul, as we do with our power animal spirits. A soul retriever can help us find our power animals if we become lost from them in life.  A piece of a soul can be retrieved from a deceased one for a living person who is still in mourning. This can help as a healer for the living and a comfort for them. 

The Spiritual Healer – this shamanic role focuses on spiritual healing with the help of spirits as this is the fundamental platform for all Shamanic healing. To be a pure Shaman, you need to believe fully in spirits in all living and non living things, including objects that have neither lived or died. For this kind of healer, his or her focus is on your emotional and mental wellbeing. They will heal you from feelings which serve you no purpose and drain you of your power such as anger, hurt, frustration, jealousy and so on. The performance is usually in dance and chants to draw out the negative spirits that are causing you these strong negative emotions. This practice is often completed over several events and performances.

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