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The Four Shamanic Practices

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The Healer – the healer does exactly this. He or she will heal physical, emotional and spiritual illness. They do this by using music, drums, chants, story telling or by using poultices, herbs and ointments. Their healing can be quick or for more complex illnesses, can take several months before the patient is healed.

The Messenger – this Shamanic role acts like a modern day medium, but their main purpose is to bring messages of advice and guidance from all sorts of spirits including from the non living, animal and plant. A shaman will contact a deceased one or bring messages from the spirit world which are practical and important. In ancient times, these messengers would help hunters and farmers in gathering food and crops. They would speak to the spirits of the elements around them and ask for guidance as to when it the best time is to plant seeds.

The Soul Retriever – the Shaman who performs this role works with a spirit guide on the other side to help retrieve the soul of the patient. We can lose our souls very easily in this life. In ancient times, people believed that illness was brought on by an evil spirit. Shamanic theories still believe this today. It must be noted that we lose pieces or fragments of our souls and not our soul completely.

More often than not we pick up negative energies in our daily lives. We mix with people who stole our souls but perhaps more frequently, we give them away in exchange for love and devotion. Sometimes even work and fame. We need our souls to provide us with protection, support and power. It is important that we keep our relationship with our soul, as we do with our power animal spirits. A soul retriever can help us find our power animals if we become lost from them in life.  A piece of a soul can be retrieved from a deceased one for a living person who is still in mourning. This can help as a healer for the living and a comfort for them. 

The Spiritual Healer – this shamanic role focuses on spiritual healing with the help of spirits as this is the fundamental platform for all Shamanic healing. To be a pure Shaman, you need to believe fully in spirits in all living and non living things, including objects that have neither lived or died. For this kind of healer, his or her focus is on your emotional and mental wellbeing. They will heal you from feelings which serve you no purpose and drain you of your power such as anger, hurt, frustration, jealousy and so on. The performance is usually in dance and chants to draw out the negative spirits that are causing you these strong negative emotions. This practice is often completed over several events and performances.

If you are interested in finding out about how Shamanic Healing can help you in your life, I would love to hear from you to see if I could help. All emails are treated with the strictest confidence and privacy. 


How Our Thoughts Become Reality

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michelle hatcher life coachingOften, people ask me where does the term ‘gut feeling’ come from, and this is a very interesting question. We tend to forget that actually we have three minds. Yes three. We have our conscious mind, then we have our subconscious mind, and then, we have our abdominal mind.

What is our abdominal mind?

Better known as the solar plexus, this the point on your body where your nerve system is complex. In Hindu texts, this is the point of your body where your spirituality and self-power is generated. It is the most sensitive part of your chest. It sits within the area of your stomach (at the back) and your just before your diaphragm.  It is where the celiac trunk, renal arteries and superior mesenteric artery is split away from the abdominal aorta. Of course, once we start to think about this area, we get an immediate understanding about the feelings of ‘butterflies’ we get in anticipation of something and other similar sensations experienced in the gut area.

It is an intricate web of nerves, tissue and blood vessels. It is where we get our instinctive drive from. When we fear michelle hatcher life coachingsomething, we experience a shift in emotion in this area. It is also the area of the body where we feel anxiety, excitement, apprehension and stress. Actors feel stage fright here. Athletes feel their power surge here before the start of a race. It is the place in our spiritual body where we experience will, self-development and action.

In Chakra, this is the most important area in meditation. We associate it with the colour yellow and the stone, Amber. Our feelings of self-belief come from here. Our thoughts about our image, confidence and ability also derive from here. This is why when this Chakra isn’t in balance, we feel anxiety, depression and guilt. When it is fully active and balanced, we are more likely to make powerful decisions, take risks, step out into the unknown. When we do this, we experience growth both spiritually and emotionally.

So how does this fit into turning things into reality?

First, we generate an idea in our conscious mind. This might be an idea that’s given to us from an external source or it might be one that appears when we are givensome information to think about. Ideas are vibrations that are all around us. When we expand our knowledge of a subject, we expand our awareness, thus attracting ideas into our conscious mind.

Michelle hatcher life coaching

Next, this idea now in our conscious mind shifts vibration. For an idea to ‘stick’ the vibration of the idea needs to be IN EXACT FREQUENCY as our paradigm (the selection of thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and about the world around us.) If the idea is NOT, then we reject the idea and shift our conscious thought onto something else. Don’t forget, the conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject ANYTHING. This is why it is highly important to change your belief system first if you want to change your thoughts and change your results.

So what happens if we want to hold onto this new idea?

This new idea you want to accept, you need to impress onto your subconscious mind for it to stick. Of course, this doesn’t come naturally to you. It shifts your thinking onto a new vibration. One you might not have felt before and the result of this new vibration is a sensation of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety. You feel uncomfortable. You toy with this new idea and worry about it. This fear comes from your paradigm because your conscious mind WANTS you to throw out the idea. It simply doesn’t fit in with your existing belief system.

What happens next to make the idea stick?

This is the hard part. You want this new vibration to stick. So, you ignore your worries and your doubts and you go for it. It will make you feel uneasy but once you have turned that idea into action, your behaviour will shift and the idea will become reality. You probably won’t know how you’re going to get to your goal, but don’t worry. (This is the point where 95% of the population with back away and go back to their old ways again) Go for the desire, reach the goal. Your subconscious mind will guide you there. Your subconscious mind controls your actions and your physiology. It will show you the way. All you have to do is trust the infinite knowledge you have in your solar plexus. Trusting this is the second hard part. It feels unnatural to you and your immediate feeling is to turn back. Fight through the barrier of beliefs that always stop you in your tracks.

That is how your thought becomes a thing. 

Taking A Dive Into The Shamanic World Of Healing And Awakening

michelle hatcherMy journey into studying Shamanism started quite literally by itself.  You often hear of people who found themselves half way up a mountain side in Honolulu meditating than sitting in their bank office in Wandsworth. This isn’t quite that kind of journey. Yet it does involve a past life. One which I discovered quite by chance, and embraced. Fully.


As I sat with my agent in her office in North London one Spring afternoon, she asked me how a medical therapist come to land head first into spiritualism. I responded that I had no idea.

It’s true. There I was sitting at my desk one day going through some emails and suddenly, I found myself responding to an email about studying spiritualism.

I had been interested in the Spiritualist church some years ago. I had been close to my grandparents who had died when I was quite young. I still felt to this day a sense of profound loss in my life, so wandering into these events wasn’t unusual for me.

I had somehow in the back of my mind throughout my early life the theory that we are all watched over by a native American Indian who was all knowing, all wise and full of infinite wisdom. These are our spirit guides, I remember being told. These are the people of ancient times to walk with us through life, guiding us along the path of enlightenment.

I figured out that one day I would probably look at this a little deeper, and I was right. I did.

When my son was diagnosed with Autism in 2010, I hadn’t picked up a book on cognitive behavioural therapy to switch professions. In fact, I was merely a worried parent desperate to try and find some light in my son’s darkened life. I never anticipated delving into study, but three years later, a diploma arrived through the post, and a therapist I became.

The same thing happened with NLP. I found myself flying over 8,000 miles to West Coast America to study with the AIP ran and founded by the very talented Dr Matthew James.  Yet it wasn’t until I started to question the basis that these alternative therapies sat bolt upright on, that I realised there was a whole lot more to learn. I had on just stratched the surface.

In this blog, you will travel that path of enlightenment with me.

You will share my concerns, my highs, lows and secrets through understanding more about the world that appears in from of our eyes yet actualy doesn’t exist. Not in the way you think.

So, take my hand and let’s enjoy this adventure together.

It will be one Hell of a ride….